The Go-to Guide for Spectating Polo at IPC

Nov 12, 2017 - 6:43 PM

Family fun. Fancy hats. Thundering hooves. Champagne pouring. For sixteen straight weeks! The exciting and action packed games will begin each Sunday afternoon at 3pm on Field #1.

Never been to a polo match?  Have trouble following the game? Well, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on how to follow each polo match at the International Polo Club.

©Lois Spatz

Basic Rules:

  • 6 chukkers (periods) of 7 ½ minutes
  • 4 players on each team
  • Playing on a field 300 yards long X 160 yards wide
  • Two referees on the field as well as a “third-man” field-side to confirm calls
  • To score, the ball must go completely through the uprights (goal posts) which are 18 feet apart
  • All fouls are designed to protect both the horse and rider as well as promote a fair and fast game

The line of the ball establishes a “right of way.” When a player has the line of the ball on his right, he is carrying the ball (this is the polo version of what might be called “possession” in other sports.)

A player may not obstruct, or hinder the player riding along the right of way unless he makes one of three defensive plays:

1. Hooking the mallet of the offensive player…

liz lamont
©Liz Lamont

2. Performing a ride-off or bump, similar to a body check in hockey…

©David Lominska

3. Lastly, performing a nearside back-shot:

©Alex Pacheco

When you see a player put his mallet in the air, that generally means that he believes he was fouled.

©Lois Spatz

Each player brings between 8 and 10 horses to the field, that’s almost 90 horses used for one match!  You will see them switching horses up to three times per chukker.

©Diana DeRosa

Where to sit:

We have several seating options each Sunday at IPC that are great for watching the game.

For a more detailed description, click here to view our seating guide.

©Lois Spatz

Now that you are a “polo expert” it’s time to schedule your Sunday afternoon at IPC! Click here to purchase general stadium tickets online. Click here to purchase your pavilion table tickets. Or call (561) 282-5334 to order over the phone. 

Tickets may also be purchased at the gate on game days.

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