IPS Low Goal Tournament Schedule

Jan 13, 2020 - 2:17 PM

*Winning teams in bold for completed games.

The Wanderers Club Cup:

Friday, January 10
3pm: Crossfit vs. TuffRider

Saturday, January 11
2pm: Horseware vs. Willowcreek

Tuesday, January 14
2pm: Willowcreek vs. Westhaven
3:30pm: Crossfit vs. Rivendell

Saturday, January 18
1pm: Rafool Polo vs. Crossfit
3pm: TuffRdier vs. Rivendell

Sunday, January 19
10am: CRG vs. Westhaven

Thursday, January 23
3pm: Rafool Polo vs. TuffRider

Friday, January 24
3pm: CRG vs. Horseware

Saturday, January 25
11:30am: CRG vs. Horseware
3pm: Rafool Polo vs. Rivendell

Sunday, January 26
11am: Westhaven vs. Horseware

Friday, January 31
2pm:The Wanderers Cup Semi-Final I
3:30pm:The Wanderers Cup Semi-Final II

Sunday, February 2
10am: The Wanderers Cup Final


  • Each team will play 3 games inside their respective bracket
  • Top 4 teams will advance to semi-finals, playing cross bracket
  • In the event of a two-way tie, who beat who will be used.
  • The HCTC will determine the order of games.

Team Rosters:

Cecelia Cochran 1
Gates Gridley 1
Jason Wates 3
Lucienne Elms -1

Rafool/Greenhill Polo
Ray Rafool -1
Rebekah Greenhill -1
Nick Manifold 3
Justo Mourino 3

Willow Farm/Willow Creek
Mike Egan 0
Brendan Stenzel 2
Mikey Matz 3
Misty Allen -1

Nacho Cabrera 1
Gaston Lisioli 4
Mitch Adelstein -1
Don Langlois 0

Timmy Sharma 1
Matias Sosa 1
Omar Sosa 2
Sam Ryder 0

Tom Macguinness 0
Hugo Lloret 5
Alyssa Braswell -1

Andrew Rivkin 1
Jeff Sopik 0
Max Secunda 3
Finn Secunda -1

Westhaven/Organic Matters
Alan Martinez 5
Max Stevens 0
Bob Torokvei -1
Max Torokvei 0


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